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About Any Water Yachts

Protector Boat owners trust their Protectors anywhere, anytime in ‘any water’, hence the name Any Water Yachts. Co-Founders Andrew Carleton and Brian Peterson began working with Rayglass of New Zealand, the manufacturer of Protector Boats in the 2010’s.  After over 15 years of experience and thousands of hours on-board Protectors, Brian and Andrew gained an appreciation for each boat’s unmatched build-quality, safety, and performance.  Andrew and Brian were integral in the new design of the Targa models to accommodate the demands of the North American Boater. 

Their passion for the brand inspired them to create Any Water Yachts, dedicated to the import, sale and service of Protector Boats for the US Market.

The Protector Difference

Protectors are built with purpose and the utmost attention to quality.  A narrow Deep-V Hull design combined with a multi-chambered Hypalon tubes makes every Protector glide over waves with ease.  The stability of the integrated collar (tubes) gives you complete confidence in rough seas even as an experienced boater.  The collar engages in rough seas absorbing and disseminating the shock against the hull resulting in a stable, solid, comfortable ride that has made Protectors performance legendary. 

The water tight cabin will keep the elements out when necessary and opening the sliders and sun roof will allow the sun and wind in when you want.  Small batch manufacturing and hand laid hulls make each and every Protector on the planet unique.  Small enough to trailer with ease yet big enough to handle any sea state. 

Regardless of the conditions, your Protector will bring you to your destination safely, comfortably, quickly, and in head turning style!  There’s no better boat if you’re looking to go anywhere, anytime, in any water.

Pride In Service

Any Water Yachts takes pride in developing and maintaining relationships with clients. We’re always available to discuss our listings and the latest Protector models. Contact us today to learn more about the Protector community or schedule a test drive to experience industry-leading performance.

Pride In Product

Through the harshest of elements, snowstorms, massive currents, and even a record-time run from Alaska to Washington, Andrew and Brian have captained Protectors in all conditions. Their wealth of experience provides valuable insight and expertise to new and veteran Protector owners alike.

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